The ambition of the public in electric transformation is in this conference.

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The day before yesterday, the public officially opened a conference called Power Day (called battery day, power day), before the press conference did not start, everyone is more ridicule, after all, Tesla’s pool has already been out. Due to the limelight, now the public will come to a Power Day, how much makes people feel a bit.

However, the whole release will be read, and there is no one who has seen the impulse of the rotten film. Instead, in this conference last 2 hours, people feel that the mass group is electricity The determination under the road transition.

The entire conference is basically surrounded by battery technology and complement technology, which is also inserted with the current technical reserves, and some grand blueprints for future planning, and our focus is the front.

Let’s talk about the battery, and I will open one of the people’s core products in the next few years in front of the public.

Unified Cell, the translation software interpretation of this word is “Unified Unit”, we can understand it as a unified standard size battery.

According to the information at the press conference, this unified standard cell will be officially produced in 2023. By 2030, the public will have more than 80% of electric vehicles, using this standard size battery.

The benefits of the unified battery are self-evident, on the one hand, reduce the research and development and production cost of different batches, on the other hand, whether management or later is involved in the power transmission mode, the unified battery cell specification is greater than the disadvantage.

Based on the above unified standard battery, the mass entry level of pure tram type, the cost of its battery will drop by 50%; the battery cost of the mainstream model will also drop more than 30%.

The reason why different models declines is inconsistent, and different raw materials are used. Specifically, the public will provide four batteries, including lithium iron phosphate batteries, three-dimensional lithium batteries, high manmous batteries, and solid state batteries.

Among them, the lithium phosphate battery, low cost, but the energy density is not high, so it is mainly used for entry models, ternary lithium batteries, and high-manganese batteries, which are mainly used for mainstream models, and performance Better solid state, it is an important research direction in the future.

The current battery technology can be 60 minutes full, 35 minutes to 80%, while solid batteries can be filled with 20 minutes, 12 minutes to 80%, and its performance is superior.

Put the battery in the first priority, which also prompted the public to rethink the logic order of the car, so in this conference, the Volkswagen shows the reverse thinking of “designing vehicles around the battery model”.

At the same time, the public also showed us a complete commercial closed loop, including the battery, battery management system, once used, second use, recycling, the public hopes to reach 95% of raw materials recycling.

The problem is solved, but also solves the problem of the battery factory. According to the public officially, the public needs 240GWH power battery supply, so the huge demand is not only able to do it by supplier, so Volkswagen will Self-built battery factory, establish 6 globally, each realizing 40GWH capacity, to meet its own needs …

At the press conference, we also learned the public in China’s electric transformation plan: 2025 MEB platform models, 2025 sales exceeded 2 million, 2030 sales (here, it should be accumulated tram sales ) …

However, the current domestic new energy market is generally facing a problem – the inconvenience of energy, according to the survey of the Mass Group, 50% of Chinese users believe that the energy is not convenient, so in order to better open the Chinese market, the mass group needs to be on the charging pile. Decorate.

In fact, the Volkswagen has already started actions. As early as 2019, the public was charged with FAW, Jianghuai, and Stars, and users can make up the phone to make up the phone, complete the unlocked operation, but also directly through app, quite Convenient.

At present, CAMS’s charging pile has a layout in Beijing, Shenzhen, and Chengdu. According to the plan, in 2021, CAMS will establish 600 supercharts in 8 cities and more than 6,000 charging piles, and by 2025, this data will It will be updated to 170 million charging piles.

Finally, as the teacher teaches teachers during the reading of the teacher, it is necessary to sublimate the main purpose. The public also uses a PPT to draw a perfect end for this release, as shown:

Our vision is through energy efficiency management and smart storage, making charging a free!

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