“Soft” strength of Everbruck

The automotive industry is entering an extremely important development node. It faces an endless new technology, based on the port carrier of the smart electric vehicle, the new and old forces come an unprecedented big deal. The new forces, Tesla made the global wind, Apple is also in the tiger; and the old forces have begun to start attack, Toyota is still struggling. At present, the new forces occupy the wind.

In the face of the new situation in the development of the automotive industry, China has also born new forces. There are pioneers, Xiaopeng, and the new brand of traditional enterprises, and the geometry, and the constant, high combination of new cars. In particular, the Evergrande cars, with the name of constant large, is particularly concerned. As each road humpers all arrived, the various sectors have started operation, 9 new cars are all released … Everbruck arrived, it is already a problem.

1, fear the car, but not afraid of the car

Under the crocus of capital, the new forces are rapidly developed, and they are sufficient. They naturally dig into the master of the car, create more impressive masterpieces, such as the 蔚 来 EC6, Xiaopeng P7, Wema EX5, Skyline ME7, Ai Chi U5 and other new forces, their product power has gained unanimous recognition.

And like Beiqi new energy, the traditional tradition of Thai, although the creation has made a dozen years, but the corporate mechanism is ignorant, and the excellent engineers will usually flee or be dried away. The product will naturally decline, then The products come out can also be seen. Today, Zhongtai has been closed, and the new energy of Beiqi has been acquired, but the new forces of the will be particularly moist.

This is the trend of the times.

For Evergrande, most people are only floating on the surface awareness of the constant real estate, football, and the Evergrande car released a 14-car, but did not have a deep profile to make the car to make the car. 3,200 top scientific research experts related to smart electric vehicles.

What is the level of digging more than 3,200 engineers? It is among the best in the global new forces. More importantly, the horizontal of these engineers is not low, after all, it is high salary, no level is constant. The thick engineer team is not only the highlight of Evergrande Automobile, but also the most powerful guarantee for cars.

In addition to many engineers, Everbrucks also have 11 special research institutes, including the Preview Technical Research Institute, Independent Research Institute, Software Technology Research Institute, Plus Research Institute, Modeling Institute, Global Battery Research Institute, Japan Research Institute, Sweden R & D Center, etc., realized all coverage in the field of new energy vehicle research and development.

Gathering from talents, to hardware supporting, Hardware hardware and hardware configurations can be described in new forces. This shows that, like Evergrande Football, the concept of Xu Jiayu’s confidence in Evergrande is still: professional people doing professional things, which reflects Xu Jiayin’s fear of the car.

Talents are in hand, I have, I have, Xu Jiayin is deeply seen.

2, the car is small, “soft” is big

The so-called smart electric vehicle is intelligent + electric, future, when electric power is mainly mastered in Ningde Times, Huawei, which means that car companies have to find other rich places: software. This is why many new car positioning technology companies, not a car company.

For traditional car companies, their core is manufactured and software consistently. So we see that when the public is manufactured in the first smart electric car I.D3, it broke out many extremely serious software crises. Even later, it is still difficult to fundamentally solve the public’s dilemma, which is not developed with the European Internet industry.

On the contrary, like Apple, Ali, Tencent, Baidu, Xiaomi’s Sino-US Internet developed enterprises, which are gradually active in the intelligent electric vehicle industry, and even directly participate in the car, because software is their best. For example, Tencent, in the field of Internet ecology, car network, artificial intelligence, big data, etc.

As for the Evergrande, you must have a cooperation with these software companies to establish a collaboration with these software companies. Evergrande Auto Management is clearly aware of this kind of industry trend, so yesterday, Hengda Auto issued an announcement, will join hands to set up a joint venture company to jointly develop the world’s leading and have independent intellectual property rights.

Constanta car said this, “This sets of joint ventures, the two sides teamed up to develop more powerful, ecological and abundant, deeply customized, to create a world-leading smart car ecotry circle.” It is reported that it is about to be listed Each Hengki will become a very technological sense of Zhilian mobile space, which has the following features:

1. The world’s original nine-screen display of the cockpit shows the seven-screen linkage, can realize the application of office, entertainment, education, shopping, telemedicine;

2. Through the enhancement of reality, the fusion of driving vision and car – environmental data is achieved, and the safest digital driving experience is created;

3. Through the full open developer interface, build the most abundant application ecosystem in the industry, bringing users to have unprecedented intelligent life experience.

From the time that the world is dominated by the world, the most core software ecology of the intelligent electric vehicle is now cultivating the future, and the constant big gains to the creation of the car. This constant cars are respectful. It is also a horror in the industry, because no one dares to despise the brands of “Evergrande”.

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