It is the most “fierce” SUV, and Hummer Ev will start next month.

In the SUV field, different SUVs have different styles, such as sports style, fashion style, etc., in numerous design, like Mercedes-Benz Grand G General appearance “fierce” style is very popular, and there is a car More fierce than Mercedes Benz, it is Hummer. Nowadays, Hummer has launched a pure electric version and will usher in the first month. Below, follow the author to see the performance of this Hummer EV.

In terms of appearance, Hummer EV’s consciousness is like a strong northwestern big man, full of strength and wild. Let’s look at its front face shape. The feeling of the whole face is that the block feeling is very strong, or retains the porous vertical grill of the family representative, and the height of the entire front of the head gives it difficult to control. The momentum, the design is relatively beautiful, and when the slender row is lit, it is like a keyboard button that will shine. It is very beautiful and very gentle, it is the gentleness of the iron man. The entire feeling is still very comfortable.

The shape of the side is also a comparative, detail to the eyebrows, and the overall block and uneven three-dimensional sense are very clear. The two-color vehicle body also increases the level of visual. Its hub is also designed and is very complicated. Plus the whole terrain tire will give you a place where you can’t get it. As long as you dare to go, you can take you. The tail is a very common “backpack” formula hanging tire in the off-road vehicle.

The interior is also a full style. The straight line is surrounded by a piece of block layer. The black gray color is also highlighting simple temperament, plus 13.4-inch central control screen and 12.3 inches. The instrument panel, the scientific skills of the entire interior are still very good. The whole vehicle creates a tough guy from the inside and outside the field, but there is a crazy tough guy again, there is nowhere to have a stunning tenderness.

In terms of power, don’t know if this tenderness is in line with everyone’s expectations. At present, we can only refer to its other brothers. It is the top three motors, which is equipped with the maximum power of 1,000 horsepower, and the speed of 100 kilometers is only It takes 3 seconds. Using General UITium battery packs, the battery pack is up to 400 miles, and this level does not know whether to satisfy everyone’s expectations.

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