February new energy car sales: Tesla is nearly 5 times year-on-year, Beiqi new energy is on the verge of collapse

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I don’t know much about the car, what should I do if I am afraid? In fact, according to the sales volume, it is a good choice, and recently, the multiplier announced sales data in February, the retail sales volume of the domestic narrow passenger car is 11.77 million, an increase of 371.9% from the same period last year, and the ring decreased by 45.5%. As for why the rapid year-on-year increase is due to the influence of the epidemic, sales in February last year is very low, but fell in January, it is because February is the tradition of sales, and the Spring Festival holiday is late, less effective working days.

Specifically to each segment, whether it is car, SUV, MPV or new energy auto market, compared with the same period last year, it fell slightly compared with January. Among them, the new energy segment is better than the overall passenger market, and sales in February reach 97,000 units. Although it is not as good as other segments, it is the largest market segment, reaching 675.0%, while falling from a decline It is also minimum, 37.9%.

It is estimated that consumers are more concerned about the rankings of all segment bicycles. In the new energy auto market, Wulinghong MINI EV will win the championship again. In February, 17,307 vehicles were sold, mainly 2.88 million -3.88 Ten thousand people of the people are selling, and due to its significant modification potential, only costly cost and simply modified can become a street trend, and you will be welcomed by young consumers.

However, although Hong Kong MINI EV is still in the list, Tesla is the biggest winner. The two models entered the top three, including Model 3 and Model Y, who have just been listed in January this year, the former sales increased by nearly 5 times, compared to 1 The month has also increased, and it has achieved counterparts, but it is not excluded because sales decline in January, the foundation is lower, and behind the high sales, Tesla has been controversial, in the exposure of quality problems, and The slot is even more than five sectors, and there is such a market performance, which is unexpected.

Electricization is a great potential, many traditional car companies have in power in new energy vehicles, now in the Great Wall, BYD, Guangqi Euchi, etc. have a good performance in the new energy segment, but the biggest black horse is as many as Changan. Car, the total sales volume is among the top three in the list of February manufacturers, only “Northeast Volkswagen”, new energy vehicles, and Benben EVs all the way.

For the reason, Benben EV is less than 30,000 people’s prices can’t, as for why don’t lose the might mini ev, the author believes because of the loss of the first strength, as for the product, the netizens who tried two models should be clear Whether it is handling, power or space, Benben EV is actually more winning, if the macro Mini EV achieves from “0 to 1”, it is completed from “1 to 2”, and the latter is often larger. .

Changan Motor is a successful case, compared with the Northern Automobile New Energy looks very wolf. As one of the auto-enterprises entering the new energy vehicle market, Beiqi new energy has taken the domestic pure electric car sales in China for 6 consecutive years, but since 2020, the sales volume is only 1012 in February, and there is no entry list. single.

The reason for the reason, the B-terminal market sold by Beiqi new energy is growing, and the travel industry is not swaying, leading its sales to decline, and in the C-terminal market, Beiqi new energy product is flat, and several spontaneous combustion, The reputation is big, so, under the pinch of traditional vehicle enterprises such as BYD, North Stroke new energy is getting closer and closer.

Although the new power of the car is not expected to have a large number of traditional car companies, it is generally optimistic about the capital market. It is such as Wei to come, ideal and other car companies have a high market value. In terms of sales, it is the first place in the new forces, and the ideal is very simple. The reason is very simple. The former has three in the sales model. The ideal is only one, and their sales are around 2,000.

In the bicycle sales list, Ideal One has won the eighth, and it is the best selling new forces model. It is worth mentioning that the recent car quality network announced the 20020 complaint sales than the list, the ideal one The SUV list first and second names, and more than a lot of traditional car business models, one side, in fact, the quality of new forces is actually very good, and the user’s package contrast may also be higher on the other hand. In addition, there is news that the ideal second model or will be named Ideal TWO, which is probably a full-size SUV, which is worth looking forward to.

In general, in the case of policy landslide, this year’s new energy auto market has achieved “opening”, and overall performance is better than the passenger car market, it can be seen from policy driver into marketization, among which Hongguang MINI EV’s rise is not good, and Tesla has brought a small challenge to domestic autonomous auto companies, but also accelerates the popularity of pure electric vehicles, and future new energy auto market will continue to grow steadily. The model for selective models will be more and more.

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