The whole network is first experience interpretation, extreme fox alpha t 1.2.0 OTA upgrade

Recently, the extreme fox alpha t officially pushed 1.2.0 version of OTA upgrade, added Tencent video applications, ultimate energy saving, air conditioning mode, power battery preheating, etc., the existing function has also been optimized, total 9 Add or upgrade of item function. The whole car OTA technology is a big selling point of Alpha T, which can continue to upgrade the vehicle, and I will bring you new skills brought by “Little Fox”.

First, the OTA upgrade of Alpha T is very simple, the background downloads the upgrade package. When you turn on the vehicle, the central control screen will pop up the prompt update window. Among them, there are two ways to update and make an appointment time. If you don’t update, you can also click the button directly.

Choosing immediately updated, the system will pop up the dialog box, prompting that once the update is opened, it will not be canceled. Here you need to pay attention to the vehicle must be in the parking power-off state when upgrading, and cannot be upgraded in the charging state. The appointment upgrade will automatically upgrade the vehicle according to your set time, no need to operate, more convenient. This upgrade has been used for 23 minutes, which is very close to the system’s estimated 22 minutes.

Let’s experience which changes have been upgraded after the upgrade, from the audition entertainment to the daily car experience, it can be said that the full range of improvements.

Tencent video application

The first is to add a favorite video video in “App Mall”, and all kinds of thermal broadcast big dramas look at each other, with a 20.3-inch super width 4K large screen and Harman audio system, it is simply the enjoyment of the cinema level. For video playback, this OTA has also been optimized. When you choose a full-screen playback video, the video will be displayed in this big screen, and can also be automatically adjusted according to the video resolution, solve the playback movie discomfort. The problem.

It is worth mentioning that the Central Control screen of Alpha T also supports Flying Screen linkage. When the deputy position is watching the video, you just want to navigate to a place. At this time, the car can slide through both fingers. To move the position of the screen, after setting the navigation, continue to switch the video to the deputy driving position, very cool.

Air conditioning energy-saving mode

In order to further enhance the endurance capacity of Alpha T under low temperature in winter, the vehicle has added “economic model” in the air conditioning setting. When we turn on the economic model, the air conditioner will reduce energy consumption under the premise of ensuring comfort, thus reaching the vehicle. During life. Of course, if the life is sufficient, you can choose air-conditioning mode according to your own situation.

Extreme energy saving mode

The weight of this OTA upgrade is the newly added pole driving mode, which is also to improve the new model in the low temperature of the vehicle, you can open in the “One-Pedal” setting in the driving mode. “Extreme Energy Saving” mode. When we open “Extreme Energy Saving” mode, the air conditioning system of the vehicle will be directly adjusted to “energy saving mode”, and the energy consumption of the vehicle will also decrease as much as possible. In summary, under the premise of ensuring comfort, provide the most important, farther life, making your journey more self.

Power battery preheat

The polar fox car takes into account the problem of charging efficiency in low temperature, and the remote battery preheating function is added to this OTA upgrade. The purpose of this can improve the charging efficiency of the vehicle in the winter cold car state, the owner can operate through the extreme fox app, when you are ready to charge your Alpha t, first open the pole APP, in the “Remote Charge” page “Power battery preheating”, the temperature of the battery is adjusted to its best working condition, and can shorten the charging efficiency in the low temperature environment of the vehicle.

E charging plug and playback

After this OTA upgrade, Alpha T has also added the national network E charging plug-and-play function. To use plug and play, you need the owner to bind the vehicle information in E charging, and open the plug-and-play function before you can use it. Because I have never charged at the national grid, when I connect the charging pile and the vehicle, I chose plug and filling on the charging pile. At this time, the charging pile prompts, my vehicle has not opened plug, it needs After I finished charging, I can officially open plug-and-play function.

If your car has been filled with high-end piling through the national network, you can open plug-and-play functionality. In this way, you can save the scan code, pay the environment, so that charging is simpler, more direct. If there is no charging experience in the national website, then you don’t have to worry, you can use the first to scan the code to charge 1 yuan.

In addition to the items we talk above, this upgrade content also includes one-pedal function, optimizing the torque demand and torque response under different accelerator pedal opening degrees of driver, so that the vehicle torque response is more The driving needs of the driver. Through the matching of the vehicle electronics system, the quietness of the vehicle will also improve the low speed of the vehicle. White point is that in single pedal mode, the “throttle” response is more aggressive, after loosening the throttle pedal, the effect of the vehicle brake is more uniform, avoiding the vehicle acceleration and deceleration too much to abrupt the ride experience.

Low temperature slow recharge and Baidu Carlife connections are also optimized, and optimized vehicles have improved the efficiency of low temperature charging by charging thermal management control of vehicle charging. In terms of the accuracy and efficiency of Carlife, it has also been well upgraded after optimization.

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