The car party returned to the 1995, the new starting point of the Guangdong automobile industry

Editor’s note: Look back, I have been in the automotive industry for nearly 15 years, although the practice of every automobile factory is different, but the things in the automotive factory are so vividly exciting.

The Dongfeng Honda parts in Huizhou are the key parts suppliers of Guangqi Honda and Dongfeng Honda. 15 years ago Honda began to build, it can be said that it is an important node that will be restarted by the Guangdong Automobile Industry.

As we reprinted below, from the car predecessors – Zhang Hou Sheng, long-term first-line work experience is bit: the word is full of pride and pride of the years; time running, don’t forget, and cherish.

In the summer of 1995, Huizhou Daya Bay is very hot. The sun is straight through the people. The climate is wet, and the human body is sweating in a large number of sweat. It is sweaty.

In the Dongfeng Honda Auto Parts, Dongfeng Honda Auto Parts, the Western District of Daya Bay is being carried out, and the security team of joint ventures is responsible for planning construction of joint venture, electricity, trachea, everyone and construction units.

It has now basically completed the construction of the factory substation, the construction of the air compressor room, and the construction of the roof bracket is used in the workshop, in the air, electricity, gas pipeline, and transport it to each machine plan installation position, then fall from the sky, realization Each machine is supplied with water and electrical supply.

1 factory cleaning

Most of the various equipment reservation of the previous company have been arrived in the factory from all over the world. Some devices have begun to arrive, but there are many debris in the workshop after construction, and the dust is also very big. If you want to do everything, clean it. .

The company’s leaders decided to arrange a group of backbone employees recruited in Zhang Houheng and the former company in the second floor office. Dozens of people have cleaning tools and immediately rushed to the workshop and cleaning assault.

The first labor climax of the joint venture company is starting from the sanitary cleaning. Everyone wears a white cotton overall, and wear a workcap in the scene to clean the ground.

Ten thousand square meters of large workshops, to use general ordinary sweep and mop to complete the cleaning, the workload is very large, the weather is hot in the workshop, so soon, everyone’s clothes are sweating, sweat is four weeks from the hat.

A Zhang Tonghong’s youth, there is a string of sternating water, keeping down, in order to grab the progress, no one stops. Timely countermeasures in the administrative department, in order to supplement that employees are sweating too much, there are more large buckets of hot soup for the scene, soon being drunk.

After dinner at noon, everyone will do it, with the mopping efficiency is too low, everyone will invente a T-Type tool, use two long wooden strips into one T-shaped T-shaped, hold a handle, The black hard gel skin is nail on the other of the head, so that a large amount of water on the ground floor can be successfully launched outside the workshop.

In order to improve efficiency, we opened all the waterfields in the workshop. Not long, there is a layer of water on the floor of the workshop smooth paint.

Our dozens of people have a tool, and become a row of stations, and put the tools and make each other with each other. Everyone shouted from the south to the north, repeated, on the ground Dirty water is pushed outside the workshop, putting water multiple times, and cleaning up multiple times.

A few days, the floor of the workshop was cleaned, and everyone’s hard work was in the workshop like a mirror.

2 The device starts entering the factory

After the ground is dried, we started to divide the area according to the drawings, and use the tape paper to use the tape paper as a boundary line as a divided line, and the various parts processing areas, the equipment preservation area, and the tool grinding area are identified.

The mounting position line of each device is also clearly identified by the tape, and identifies the device name and model, so that the device installer can accurately install it.

When the factory is arranged, various equipment will be entered in order. Consider some equipment volume, in advance, equipment in remote location should first place, in the intersection, transportation equipment, the equipment is subject to place, Waiting for these, it considers that after we are all, the equipment began to enter the workshop on a large scale.

The special professional installation company designated by the bidding is responsible. Each device is crane on the workshop crane, slowly moving to the designated position inside the workshop, and then slowly lifting the equipment with the gantry hanging, leaving the special transport vehicle surface.

Artificial assistance positioning, placed in advance to adjust the horn position, perform accurate positioning, then place the level on the device’s workbench, and adjust the horizontal position of the entire equipment by adjusting the horn height, so that the machine tool is accurate It is located in place.

Then, the company’s specialized technician and equipment manufacturers are connected to water, electricity, gas, etc., and remove the equipment to some of the fastening devices that are safely installed, the equipment is in place, and the machine tool manufacturer is in place. Equipment plus lubricants, equipped with specialized coolants, and equipment can begin to enter the debug stage.

3 before equipment debugging

A large number of equipment enters the workshop, the company is very busy everywhere, and each equipment manufacturers have arrived at the site to start debugging equipment, the manufacturing department leaders and backbone are very busy, and they feel that time is not enough.

On the one hand, the installation and adjustment personnel of each equipment manufacturer are arranged, on the one hand, insert the implementation of the installation and adjustment plan, in order to ensure the progress, everyone is full of load operation, during the day at night, almost all time to use, and go all out to carry out Equipment installation and commissioning work, it is settled in the company as soon as possible. We have focused on a large number of tools, tools and spare parts, which are placed on a shelf in a tool warehouse, and identify the spare parts name model, and the device used for use in time.

At this time, the factory long company has moved to a separate conference room in the workshop office. Our manufacturing office area is an open area at the entrance of the workshop office.

The Evan factory is organized in the morning meeting almost every morning. Organize you to report various problems. The manufacturing department will also convene a variety of temporary conferences, discuss various problems, the meeting is over, everyone is in an emergency investment to various things Processing is derived and reporting the processing results to the team leadership in order to know each other.

At this time, the production department is also concentrated in a region in the workshop office. They have already stacked a lot of blanks from Dongfeng companies in the mask area of ​​the workshop, and some of the blank parts imported from Japan Investment debugging equipment, the forklift driver carries the blank on the spot.

The Quality Department has also been in the workshop closed quality control office, various parts quality shaped tolerances, size tolerances, surface finish inspection equipment, cam curve checking instruments, etc. have been installed, waiting for the parts for processing on the production line. Perform measurement.

In order to improve communication efficiency, our Chinese staff have begun to study hard, some work sessions, try to exchange themselves, try not to translate, so that they are stationed with Japan or technical supporters. too much.

Because you have to use Japanese every day, everyone’s Japanese learning is also very high. After get off work, the dormitory is to play the sound of Japanese tape. A plate of tape has heard countless times, and finally the above session can come out, several tapes Listening, Japanese listening has greatly improved, and the confidence in Japanese has increased significantly.

The General Office of the Company also opened a Japanese training class to everyone to accelerate everyone to improve Japanese knowledge. Japanese level improvement, you can quickly learn from the various manufacturing techniques and philosophy of Honda Motors in Japan, which can easily learn from various world advanced levels, tool technology knowledge.

As the equipment enters the workshop, the person is in place, the previous silent workshop will soon be toned to the lights, the machine roared, the tool flying, the person is busy, the spacious and bright workshop is full of vitality, it is a passion burning Years!

4 production line debugging

Each of the workshop equipment is debugged into the peak period, and a table device is installed to the specified location, connecting water and electrical.

The technical staff, production personnel and equipment of the equipment manufacturer and the professional staff, and the equipment preservation staff are fully equipped, and the equipment commissioning is comprehensive, strive to open the production line.

Each device is not equipped with qualified products, and the parameters set by the equipment are actually revised and perfect for the production site. During the packaging and transportation and installation process, it is inevitable to have various precision towns. phenomenon.

Therefore, the equipment commissioning work is very difficult. Many equipment are difficult to have a qualified product. At that time, the Anyang Wheel Branch Special Machineline has encountered a big problem due to the time of the current practice.

At that time, Japanese technical supporters were Ge Xi, the Chinese technical person in charge is Du Weidong, and later, Yin Yangwu has also supported the on-site support for a while, which is all the adjacent processes of the tool.

When starting, it is difficult to process a qualified product. The equipment is very high, the tool life is very low, especially the deep hole drilling process of the slope hole, often interrupted during processing, and only several parts can be processed, drill bit It is necessary to replace, the adjustment time is long, and the workers are suffering.

Later, after the research, chose different manufacturers to drill, let it more tough, more wear, grind different drill perspectives, let it more sharp, improve cutting fluid flow and quality, improve operational method, increase the number of discharge filters, etc. Well, such that the number of workpieces began to increase.

Such a very simple processing process has so much improvement and adjustment, and other complex processing places are especially the case. Anyang special plane often does not raise, no conversion angle, the conversion angle is not accurate, or cannot fall Various problems.

At the same time, there are many equipment protection problems. The cutting fluid is splashing, the work site is slippery, the operator is easy to slip, and the existence of various problems will be required to cooperate with the rectification, and the rectification should be designed, production and installation, and time cycle. Therefore, it has seriously affected the advancement of the production line debugging progress.

When I encountered the problem, I often ask the relevant person in charge to go to the site to consult, find the root source and solve the problem, the manufacturing minister Sichuan, Wang Yusheng, and even the factory long, the deputy general manager sometimes goes to the side of the machine tool and analyzes the problem .

In order to catch the progress, overtime every day is home, it is time to go to the evening, sometimes even doing late, technical person in charge is also asking to accompany you to overtime.

At that time, the wheel support line often splashes into the overalls because the cutting fluid often splashes into the overalls, so the white overalls will change, and the stain is difficult to go, all like wearing a camouflage. At that time, Yang Jichang, Wu Fuxing, and Tanjian, who worked in the bracket line, all of them like a field of field, working hard in various positions. Such a declaration of such a consequence in a row, and the hub support line of the uncharactered hub began to gradually stabilize, the quality began to stabilize, the production efficiency also increased, and several qualified products were produced daily to produce dozens of qualified products, everyone finally I saw a hopes.

The problems encountered by other lines are also different. A large number of new employees recruited in Guangdong Province should be a challenge to these equipment as soon as possible.

At that time, many technical advanced equipment imported by the joint venture, such as the machining center, CNC lathe, CNC grinding machine operation adjustment itself requires a high technical foundation, and everyone who has graduated from the school will quickly master the operation and use of these equipment, must work hard. Talent.

At that time, the cam grinder was adjusted once. When the processing qualified product is often going to work for a day, sometimes it takes a few days, which accounts for the Camiparian technology work, Zhou Xiang and Wu Shaowu often adjust the cam grinder, continuous In the past few days, there is satisfactory results.

After the machining center, CNC lathe, the CNC grinding machine has failed, to rule out the fault, and a big challenge for preservation technicians, because the CNC equipment uses CNC technology at that time than the number of CNC technologies in China.

Therefore, everyone must learn the side, the instruction manual is all in English, so everyone is a dictionary, one side of the Dictionary, look at the instructions, looking for the root of the problem, looking for the countermeasures, and is responsible for the common technology of the technology, Yuan Honggang, Zhang Shuoliang, Zhang Dapeng, Wang Jun, etc., one busy is a whole day, but also accompanied the production line in the evening.

Li Youqin is responsible for the projecting line equipment. Once the machining center has failed, the elimination time is long, sometimes it is necessary to send a fax to the Japanese manufacturer to consult the problem solution, and the domestic million milling machine is responsible for cutting process, often the blade card is machined On the way, even continuous blades, all kinds of problems have frequently appeared so frequently, and now find various resolution countermeasures.

Pan Wei’s restricted differential shell production line adjustment is also a variety of technical problems. The special machine of the inner cross-roughness of the Japanese Liuhe sector is unstable, it is difficult to meet the quality standards.

The vertical diamond control accuracy of the large river machine production is also unstable. It is good to get the time of the differential shell production line equipment, and first start debugging, and then realize the production line to open the task, which brings hope for each production line. pressure.

5 past, now and the future

Everyone did the drums, finally realized the factory production line basically in that day, and the company also organized a large activity to commemorate this day.

After eleven, everyone is airy, improve the operational instructions of each production line, inspect standards, various visual management boards, and improve the field station appliances and 5S levels.

In order to make the entire plant appear in a new look, the company organizes factory employees to do their own, uniform paint of all workshop, and divides all parts of the partitions, and the whole plant is new.

On November 30, 1995, the joint venture production ceremony was held at the factory building, and the general manager of Dongfeng Company, the general manager, Honda Co., Ltd., THA, THA, Taxi, was cut into production ceremony.

Dongfeng Company, Guangdong Province and Japan Honda Company tripartite closely together, Dongfeng Honda Huizhou project has formed 7 parts of production capacity of 5-10,000 vehicles, transmission and suspension systems, and products are all sold to Japan and Southeast Asia. And region.

At that time, after 25 years of hard work, now grows and bigger, getting better and better, has become a large parts enterprises with thousands of employees, millions of square meters of factory buildings.

Products not only supply China’s Dongfeng Honda, Guangzhou Honda’s automotive loading, still exported to Japan, Southeast Asia and the world’s Japanese car company to load, this is a miracle, this is also a legendary story.

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