Home Electric Indicators: Deadline at 24:00 tonight

At 24 o’clock on March 8, the deadline for the application of Beijing small passenger car home electric indicator was applied in 2021.

Today, the primary issue in front of Beijing Hongki is to participate in the family indicator number, and how many points can be scattered to take indicators.

This score is the minimum score of the annual home electric indicator.

There is still a little time from the deadline, I hope to take the family electric indicator Raiders below to help you in the last moment.

First, can I shake my family?

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The foreign account, you can also participate in the working residence certificate, do not need to meet the social security requirements! # 北京 汽车 号

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key point:

Participate in the family as a family, and all the applicants are required to meet the accommodation in Beijing, the names of the non-brand passenger car under the name (the spouse also is known as the bike car). The main applicant also needs to hold a driver’s license for C2 or C5 or more.

Residence requires applicants to meet the following situations:

Second, the family lotion

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The oil and electricity is involved in the same, just appreciated the small couples that can not group families, 24 o’clock on March 8th registration! # 北京 汽车 号

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key point:

The main applicant and other applicant’s relationship will be charged for one year. Just appreciate the couple, the child cannot be a member of family members.

Family portfolio can participate in gasoline indicators and sort allocation of gasoline indicators and home electric indicators.

On March 8th, it was the deadline for the application for family shakes in the first half of the year.

32520 home electric indicators were issued on May 26. According to the home integral sorting, the last integral is the same, the main applicant registration time is sorted, and the registration is preferred.

On June 26th, on December 26, the gasoline indicator was allocated, and the middle signature of the family portfolio was larger than the median sign rate of the personal identity.

Third, who is family members?

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Of course! The whole family mobilization, the number of highlights is big # 北京 北京 汽车 号号

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key point:

Family members include the main applicant, the owner’s spouse, parents, Yue parents (in-law), and children.

Male master + father-in-law can group families.

The women’s main + a girl can group families.

The husband and wife can form two families separately.

Parents can separate and different children.

Children can be separately and father group family.

Even as other applicants, the name of the Beijing brand passenger cars is not available.

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Don’t waste the front rank # Beijing car shake

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key point:

The husband and wife participated in the electric indicator queue by personal identity, and the other group of families participated in the shake number.

Personal Electric Indicators Queuing Sequence Query: Click here to view.

Fourth, the family is the most appropriate?

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65 points, family, steady indicator? # 北京 汽车 号

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key point:

2020 20,000 home electric indicators, the last score is 72 points.

32520 home electric indicators will be issued in 2021.

It is expected that this year’s family is more than 65 points, and the electric indicator is stabilized.

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