Ideal car realizes the first quarter earnings program launched the first pure electric car in 2023

Beijing Time February 25, Ideal Auto ( released unaudited 2020 fourth quarters and annual financial reports.

Beijing Time February 25, Ideal Auto ( released unaudited 2020 fourth quarters and annual financial reports.

Financial report, the fourth quarter of 2020, the ideal car total revenue is 4.15 billion yuan, an increase of 65.2% from the previous month; net profit reached 108 billion yuan, non-US General Accounting standards net profit is 115 million yuan, successfully reversed Quarter loss.

In terms of operation, the fourth quarter of 2020, the ideal car delivers ideal one will be 67.0% from the previous quarter, and the quarter has a new high.

Financial report showed that the year of 2020, the ideal car total revenue was 9.46 billion yuan, while this data was only 284.4 million yuan in 2019. At the same time, the net loss of the ideal car in 2020 reached 152 million yuan, down 93.8% from RMB 240 million in 2019. 2020 Non-US General Accounting Standards Net loss was 2.81 billion yuan, down 86.0% compared with RMB2019.

It is worth paying attention to except for a significant reduction in loss, the ideal car has increased in the 20020 sales gross profitability and operating cash flow. In 2020, the ideal automobile operating cash flow is 3.14 billion yuan, and its operation cash flow is 17.9 billion yuan in 2019; in terms of gross profit margin, 2020 ideal automotive sales gross profit margin is 16.4%, 0.5% in 2019. .

Analysis showed that the ideal car sales gross profit margin and the rise of the cash flow were closely related to its sales growth. Financial report shows that the annual 20020, the ideal car delivery is 326,000, and the car sales revenue reached 9.28 billion yuan.

Ideal car founder, Chairman and CEO Li Xi said that in 2020, Ideal One became a sales champion of China’s new energy SUV, which benefited from the ideal car unique product positioning and superior product value, and focus Product strategy and quality and quantity production capacity, this is the key pillar of the company’s business.

According to him, the ideal cars are accelerating the development of the second generation of extension platforms and pure electric high pressure technology, and adhere to the brand positioning of the luxury smart electric vehicle to enrich its product line.

Ideal Car Chief Financial Officer Li Tie said that the ideal car in the fourth quarter has proved the company’s effective product strategy and excellent operational efficiency, while gross profit margin growth, also reflects the company’s good production efficiency and strict cost management.

The public information shows that in December 2020, the ideal car completed 54.05 million ADS issuance, the release price was $ 29.3 per ADS, deducting the underwriting cost and the total funds raised by $ 1.53 billion.

Li Tie said that the completion of fundraising will laid a solid financial foundation for the investment of automatic driving technology and pure electric vehicle platforms.

At the Ideal Car, the fourth quarter of the 20020 Financial Report Investor Call, Li want himself revealed the progress of the company in pure electric vehicles, in accordance with the plan, the ideal car will launch the first pure electric car in 2023.

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