Annual car marketing person: The car ring red Yu Jingmin dares to be a new “anchor”

Recommended Recommendation: When the state-owned enterprise is always in the live broadcast, the first cross-border passenger is anchor, and when she is selling for her own product, she has to sigh the master and cute. During the 2020 epidemic, Yu Jingmin, deputy general manager of ShangAqi, and the people who lived the goods “The first to eat crabs”. His dare to be a unique existence of the car circle, but also add a concentrated color to the car marketing case. A pen.

The famous segment of the car “fat head is” first show

“Fat Yu” is the flower name is Yu Jingmin, deputy general manager of the SAIC, as a 70-year-old boss, but he is hard to learn from 90. He is not a typical, experienced, an overbearing president, but is a self-contained burst, and the shame of smart, is because of the personality of “fat head Yu” makes him have it. Needle with red temperament.

On February 14, 2020, Yu Jingmin opened his first live test water. This time the live purpose is not a car but a special demand during the epidemic. It has made a model of a model to shape the SAIC image. The first live broadcast attracted the online interaction of 500,000 people, and Yu Jingmin’s first anchor tour is from the beginning to the president of the Overbales, and send a variety of “gifts”, including UVC portable sterilization lamps, 360 ° Fumigation sterilization, PM2.5 air conditioning filter, car new wind system and mask, etc., the highest value of a single prize is 1700 yuan.

“Everyone looks so big, this is true.” Yu Jingmin is able to open a joke from time to time, and from time to time.

Valentine’s Day, Yu Jingmin, the special live broadcast of the special live broadcast will give special love to special, which also defines new directions to automotive marketing – from the line steering line, the online line is combined.

Walking on the young avenue

“CHARLES, you have to live a live broadcast, Luo Yong Hao people set up with you,” “” “” Heroes will be slightly, I am thinking. “In addition to his own ahead, Yu Jingmin is still in a Sohu’s live broadcast programs strongly persuade Zhang Chaoyang live bills.

When the live broadcast has become the most popular popular language in 2020, it seems that all live broadcasts have been put on the agenda. Before there is Li Jiaqi encountered the car live in Waterloo, there is Luo Yonghao’s ditch, can’t help but ask the car live broadcast. Is there an effect?

After experiencing the success of the first live broadcast water, Yu Jingmin once again opened a live broadcast on February 29 after half a month, this time, he also pulled the deputy manager of the Waydom Trio-Air Conditioning System and Yan. Li Junyan, the Global Director of Product Development Department, formed a combination of “Super Mary”, introduced the “Active Purification Health Cabin” of SAIC Roewe to the media and netizens.

In addition to trying to live in a young way of goods such as a live broadcast, Yu Jingmin once again became the first practitioner of another young way, and held a voluntary conference in the form of “Tucao Conference”.

“I assured you that I learned time management from a small time.” “There are a lot of people asking me that my new energy car has radiation? Will you lose your hair? Let’s see me! Hair is still there, no problem.”

On May 10th, the Chinese brand day, the net red section of the car was delayed, Yu Jingmin, deputy general manager of the car, and gathered a junction of the show, the big lady and the net red executive, kicked off the prelude of the Green Rongwei brand rejuvenation For three hours of live broadcast, the full blond sentence is constantly, the explosion is full.

I am still not a net red.

Yu Jingmin showed the exclusive cultivation of the old Versailles when talking about 2020 net red hearts. “I am very unresolved on the so-called net red road, otherwise I will not now only more than ten thousand fans, only more than 40,000 hairstyles, mainly, the port of brand advertising,” Yu Jingmin is accepting This is said to a media interview.

He talked about that he lacks people’s construction and take the initiative video short film, etc., otherwise, in such an active Internet economy tide, especially the 2020 network economy is extremely developed, you will not just just a so-called network. red. At the same time, he said that his future must have a good job in this way, becoming an example to drive more colleagues and partners to do live broadcast and video. All in all, Yu Jingmin believes that he has not worried about it in 2020, not a net red.

Merchant talents who have changed against the sky

Although Yu Jingmin is the most embarrassing in the car ring executives in 2020, but Yu Jingmin’s prominent record is not limited to this, it is necessary to speak from his “upper” road.

Speaking of Yu Jingmin’s “upper” is quite a sense of death, July 3, 2014, the SAIC announced that the deputy general manager of the original gastroenteriors, Jiang Jun, no longer served as the deputy general manager of the company, from the original Chang Yu Jingmin took over the overseas business preparatory group.

In the seemingly promotion, Yu Jing is in the face of the “Burden of” Bottom “, the” Baddle “of the SAIC’s self-cultivation of the SAIC that has been resistant to all over the years. Equivalent to the Evil Group, Puba, looked at the brothers and gammon, Changan self-brand performance, and suffered from the heart, decided to let the overseas business layout have a lot of emotional Yu Jingmen to take a big.

Under such a task that seems impossible to complete, Yu Jingmin has successfully staged the legend of the sky. In 2017, the Roewe and Mark of the SAIC Roof and the March, the two brands finally reached a year-on-year sales result, compared to 60% in 2016. In addition, sales growth of two brands also increased the SAIC. Market performance, annual sales increase far exceeded industry average. Because of the eye-catching market performance, Yu Jingmin also commented on the 2017 China Auto Ceremony annual marketing figure by Phoenix Network.

During the 2020 epidemic, the national passenger market fell by 6% year-on-year, but the sales volume of Shangqi rivers and rivers, especially the total retail sales of Shangqi Rongwei exceeded 420,000, an increase of 4% year-on-year, and became a lot of sales One of China’s car brands grow. At the same time, SAIC Roewe has also achieved a larger market share. In 2019, the national market share is 2.1% year-on-year, which is 11.5% year-on-year!

Among them, SAIC Roewe was sold close to 50,000 vehicles in December, an increase of nearly 11% year-on-year, and a year-on-year increase of 36%, which became the only mainstream brand in China for four consecutive years. In 2020, SAIC Roewe IMAX8 kills the middle and high-end MPV market, under the improvement of the marketing level, the listing of the full moon is hot, and it is a 20,000-level MPV market.

“The user is not what I can’t, and I am 90, 93 kg, after 90.” Yu Jingmin, who is good at self-ridicule, has been helpless for the young people to build exclusive Internet cars, to CAC’s own brand TO C , Young, fashion and international injection vitality.

It can be said that he can become the first new “anchor” in the car ring is expected, but it is in the reason.

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