Volkswagen Group subsidiaries “Hand in hand” Microsoft intended to accelerate the development of automatic driving technology

Recently, the Car.Software Company of the Volkswagen Group announced that it will cooperate with Microsoft to build a cloud-based automatic driving platform on the Microsoft Azure platform, while speeding up automatic driving in a global scale with Azure’s computing and data processing capabilities. development of.

In January of this year, Microsoft has announced cooperation with the automatic driving company of General Vehicles, and focused on automatic driving research and development and commercialization.

The reporter learned that in 2018, the Volkswagen Group has reached a strategic partnership with Microsoft to jointly developed the cloud service of the Volkswagen. It is reported that in the future, the cooperation between the two sides will also extend all the digital services and mobile travel products of the Group.

The cooperation between this company and Microsoft is to test the water on the basis of the previous cooperation. According to the public information, Car. Software was founded in 2020, which is the automobile software company of the Volkswagen Group, mainly for the construction of a unified software platform for the Brand of the Volkswagen Group, including unified architecture, operating system, and car cloud service platform. It is reported that the new software platform developed by Car.Software will be put into use at the end of 2024.

For this cooperation, Car.Software CEO Dirk Hilgenberg said that the Volkswagen Group is committed to transforming to digitally mobile travel solution providers and continuously enhances their software development efficiency. The company co-creates an automatic driving platform with Microsoft to simplify developers’ work by scalability and data-based engineering environment.

In his opinion, the Volkswagen Group and Microsoft belong to strong combination, which will give full play to the comprehensive technical strength in the field of interconnected driving solutions.

SCOTT GUTHRIE, the Executive Vice President of Microsoft Cloud and Artificial Intelligence, said that the cooperation is the next plan for Microsoft and the Volkswagen Group in-depth cooperation, which is designed to help the Volkswagen to drive the software drive-type mobile travel service provider.

It is understood that after cooperation, Car.Software will face Microsoft to face the challenges facing automatic driving technology in operations. The Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform will provide a unified development environment for Car.Software’s global developers. More importantly, the automatic driving platform jointly developed by the two sides will greatly shorten the development cycle and effectively manage massive data.

The reporter learned that the reason why the Volkswagen Group constantly accelerating cooperation with software companies is related to its overall digital process. According to the public information, by 2025, the Volkswagen Group Group will invest about 27 billion euros in the digital field, and increase the investment proportion of automobile software from the current 10% to 60%.

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