Apple: The car is still not shadow, “Sao” is the first place?

After a year, the apple’s car is in turn.

Before the Spring Festival, Apple and modern Kia cooperated once look nail, but then after the foreign media kicked, the negotiations have been stopped. At that time, the new gossip object replaced in modern Kia was Nissan. According to media reports, Nissan CEO Nissi is even disclosed in a meeting to discuss the possibility of cooperation with Apple.

When the external look is expected to advance the substantive progress of both parties, the “Financial Times” has recently broke the news, because the idea is not engaged, Apple and Nissan have not advanced to the highest management, and it has been carried out. At the same time, the new gossip is the group’s appearance, including BMW, Magna, General, Volkswagen, and just completed the merged FCA and Peugeot Citroen.

Looking at the scene, the legendary Apple Car has not seen the shadow, Apple has to take a global car company.

“” All over the world

Honestly, many gossips are also the most models of modernity.

In January, modern Kia also released a statement, indicating that it is being discussed with Apple to automatically driving electric car cooperation. The hanging is that the official subsequently revised the statement, did not mention Apple. However, the Korean media then reported that modern Kia will be an agreement with Apple, and Apple will invest about $ 3.6 billion to Kia, and use the latter to produce cars in the US factory.

As for why it is blown off overnight, the media said that because Apple’s news “deeply disappointing” on the early disclosure of modern princes, I can choose to temporarily stop negotiation. However, thereafter with the gossip of Nissan, and how many other partners who have emerged, how much make Apple’s “victim” image is discounted. The “Financial Times” and other media have even smashed, and Apple has long stepped in multiple boats when it is in modern, and is in synchronous contact with other potential partners including Nissan.

Before the Spring Festival, it was quite a “green” in modern contemporary in the regulatory announcement, “” Requests have been received from other companies to develop automatic driving electric vehicles, but the initial steps have not been determined. ” Behind the speech of “Versailles” seems to be intentionally recovering some faces. But you can’t do it. During the rumor, modern, Kia has a big price increase, and many executives have also taken the opportunity to sell some of the shares, and the spiritual loss is at least.

Another apple, after the “” has a modern Kia and Nissan, the next exact object, has not floated the surface.

The BMW of the BMW has been closely collapted, and the BMW brand is positioned and the electricity, intelligence, and Apple seems to be the sky. But in fact, in 2014, Cook visited the BMW headquarters and exchanged the possibility of I3-creating ICAR, but both sides did not go deep.

It is worth mentioning that after the BMW is fruitless, Apple turned and found Daimler, but it failed to reach a consensus.

As for the recent universal, public and stellantis, or have their own grand intelligent electric objectives need to be realized, or the situation is still not good, no matter how, there will be a big cake of apples in the short term.

There is also a very common object being Tesla. However, recalling that the Cook of Christ’s “Love” is the past, the latter is afraid that it is not interested at this time, don’t mention it, it is still directly competitors.

You are smart, I am not stupid.

In this point, Apple seems to be a slag man who is only “Sao Sao”, does not act.

Among them, there is nothing to rule out, such as causing a confidentiality with modern alarming, it is a bit exaggerated, but it is not intertility.

After all, Apple’s Project Titan has started in 2014, although the route changed, the personnel entered and out, but except for the patent application exposure, it is more than the mystery.

Mid-range, not difficult to understand. Apple is good at welcoming surprises through the product, and the confidentiality work is naturally the weight. Moreover, the car is serious, and there is a long-term low-key, there is room for a long time, and there is room for future reward.

But to say, because of the principle of confidentiality, directly rejecting a cooperative object of the power, I am afraid it is difficult to solve the person. More likely, the differences between the two sides are too large, and it is indeed possible to bridge.

It is said that the current car enterprise has alliance with the technology company, and it is not surprising. Take the giants such as Apple, for most car companies, but also the opportunity to reject. Apple can “” all over the world, it has already shown that its attraction is not unfounded.

The key is that the car is interested in, not only the powerful endorsement of Apple, which is the blessing of its intelligence to their own products and services. Type of traditional car companies in modern amenities in modern times, Nissan is urgently needed to improve intelligent levels, especially.

But in Apple’s view, the car enterprises will obviously be unreasonable.

Building a closed ecology and closed-loop system is always the capital of its own life, this era, the smart car era is also true. In this mode, Apple will still firmly master the design, architecture, system, and even core supply chains. In December last year, the media has exposed Apple to expand the number of car teams, and liaison some parts supplier stockings, and no holes.

At this point, Apple is needed, more only a “assembler” role. As a smartphone, Fujikang. Say “cooperation development”, the most is the guest. As for open technology and data, don’t think about it.

For the car enterprises, it is not completely unacceptable, and even in the short term, there is no shortage of revenue, but long-term look is endless. Taking modern as an example, some high-end brand Jienes (parameter 丨 pictures) have just established a pure electric brand Aii 氪, in the future, if a professional “substitute”, it is inevitably.

More importantly, under the wave of intelligent electric electric, the nerve of the car enterprises has been highly nervous, worried by the external players account for the high-end high end of the value chain, and only some of the rough grooming is olive. It is publicly cooperated with Apple with Apple, which is tantamount to the active payment. It is said to be “the first multi-Nimino” in the future, even the shame of the automobile industry, and may be said.

So, in the face of Apple’s “Sao”, many car companies are probably: you are smart, but I am not stupid.

“The child of the day”, is it in the east?

In this case, if Apple does not change the gesture, it is afraid that “” has more, it is difficult to have a result.

However, the car enterprises do not buy accounts, and it does not mean that the idea of ​​the founder does not have a way.

“The old man” Foxconn should be very happy to pave the bridge for Apple. In fact, in order to enter the automotive field, Foxconn has long layout. The problem is that whether it is in cooperation with Yulong or a new car company such as Ba Teng, the selected cooperation object is not ideal. From these cooperation, I am afraid that there is no increase in the promotion of the car.

Cooperation with Geely is a great advantage. In the middle of the last month, when both parties set up a joint venture company, the positioning is the “Global Automobile and Travel Enterprises to provide OEM production and custom consultant services”. Foxconn’s supply chain management experience in ICT field, Geely’s product, and the blessing of the new SEA vast architecture, imagination space is not small. However, from the establishment of cooperation to form a joint force, it must take a period of time. I don’t know if Apple is willing to wait.

To say “Plug and Play” solution, Magna is not letting. It has been the experience of Luxury brand of Mercedes, BMW, Jaguar Land Rover, plus its own powerful parts supply capabilities, and Magna said the option of peacekeeping. On the pure electric product, it has been manufactured in Jaguar I-PACE and Northern Automatic Fox αt, and the experience is not a problem.

At present, in the field of intelligent electric, Magna is binding to Beiqi depth, both parties have been in the new energy manufacturing base in Zhenjiang. It is worth noting that this month and last month, Beiqi has signed an agreement with Magna’s subsidiaries, and it seems intention to use the BE21 pure chassis for the latter, and electronic electrical structure. Other brands are paving.

Of course, you can’t forget that there is BYD. BYD Electronics has long been available for many years, involving MacBook, Apple Watch, and the latest IPAD, Apple management has repeatedly expressing the praise of BYD. The two sides extend cooperation to the electric vehicles that BYD, and they will not appear.

Moreover, BYD has no idol burden compared to the international giants. Previously, it has created a model D1 for operations for the drip. It is a cow knife. In addition, BYD is technically technically technically technically, especially in the blade battery, in terms of safe Apple, will naturally be a large amount.

According to foreign media reports, the apples who are going to the bureau will announce the cooperation of electric vehicles in the first half of this year.

According to the current situation, if Apple adheres to the car in the “Apple”, the legendary “child” is very likely to be in the east.

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