Emergency solution for some common problems in the new energy charging station

Hello everyone, I will introduce yourself, I am a new energy charging station, I am the first comprehensive charging station in Qingdao, which is built in early 2018, and has been run for 3 years, and the entire field has been operated. There are 60 kilowatts and 120 kW, 39 fast films. In 2016, in 2018, he also opened the Geely 253 pure tram for 2 years, so some of some problems in the vehicle and charging process, hoping to be Here is a little help to everyone.

In the process of charging, we all know that as the convenience, price, charging speed of the charging station is most concerned, the price, and charging speed, so I suggest that you investigate the use of each charging station in the route of the flow, damage and oil car The problem is a number of people. Take a look at whether the surroundings have a mall, toilet, a restaurant, a car wash, a lounge, etc.

After each charge, you need to choose which charging station according to yourself.

(1) APP download and selection: First, because of mobile phone memory, it is recommended to download 5 operating manufacturers in the current national coverage, special electricity, stars charging, national power grid, Putian Power Grid and Yunzi’s 2 to 3, Basically downloaded the first three, it can meet the charging problem of more than 90% of the region. About operating vehicles, because platforms and manufacturers often engage in preferential subsidies, another choice to download. In this regard, I am alone because of the common routes of each owner.

Now most of the APP is charged before recharge, it is a good way to browse the coupon before the recharge is also a good way to save money.

Mixed models and slow reconciliation models Download App APP needs to be aware that according to their own models, they choose to have slow-filled stations. These can be found on the app. Now many games are not installing slowly for economic interests. .

(2) Charging price period: When I choose to do the end, when I need to care, I will charge it cheap. In 2021, the country has been re-revised, and it is also called (peak, valley, flat). Electric price) The cheapest and most important period is 11 o’clock in the evening to 7:00, 12:00, these 2 nodes, if you make it easy, try to choose these 2 times to charge, stop. Other periods can be selected after selecting a stop number on the app, and write (price details) to query.

(3) The speed of charging: This is very complicated, and the speed of normal temperature depends on the output power and current, the input power and current of the vehicle battery, which is displayed on the APP charging interface, now large Some piles can meet the current of the vehicle, so the input speed of the vehicle battery is actually the most important. The easiest way is that only the current displayed on the pile screen and the mobile app (A number) can predict that it is about a few hours. The current vehicle can basically reach the current temperature in normal temperature at 120A, that is, 20% to 100% of 400 kilometers of battery life will take about 1 hour and 10 minutes to 1 hour 40 minutes. Extreme weather (Tiamato hot or too cold) external temperature affects the temperature of the pile and the battery, the ground temperature will slow your charging from 1 to 5 times. Especially for some old models, it is even if it is even more than a few hours in the cold season.

(4) The choice of charging pile: After the small car enters the station, try to select a single pile of the single pile of power to charge the powerful single pile, and say that there is a 60 kW single pile and a 150 kW single pile double gun. During the peak of the charging vehicle, I would rather select a single pile of 60 kW, and the number of single piles of the highest kilowatt in the low peak period of the vehicle. If you come to advise him to go to other high-power piles to confuse. Otherwise, everyone is delayed.

Most large trucks and passenger cars should choose a pile of high-power to 120 kW, because the needs of these models are above 450 volts, and 60 kW piles cannot be provided with such high voltages. At this point, please consult in advance before buying a car, your model needs much voltage. With the update of technology, the current model is increasing, and some have been compatible with electric piles below 120 kW. In particular, some special models are particularly reminded, saying that the oldest Thai cloud 100, although there is a quick holiday on the car, but because of the safety factor, it is not fast, so you must go to a slow charging station. So from the upper armpar.

(5) Filling electricity, jumping, jumping: (1)) 2020 national grids, special electricity and stars charging 3 operators have opened the interconnection model, that is, any app can query other 2 The location of the station, the price, but also to charge other 2, but it is necessary to pay attention to the real use of the scanning code, and don’t worry at this time, you can click on the scan code (enter the pile number) Experiment. Of course, the best way is to download these three apps in the case of sufficient mobile phone.

(2) Check if the balance and the gun head are completely inserted. The general mobile app will have a prompt. For example, a dialog box shows the pile is not connected or failed. At this time, you can re-insert the gun head, click (input) Pile No.) If the same pile is started 2 times, first recommend the pile, then find the station staff. Nowadays, many piles (emergency buttons) If the last person takes place, the pile enters the safety model, and the staff is required to turn on the power to restart, so in order to save time, change the pile. (3) If the continuous replacement pile is can’t start, it is the problem of the vehicle, I have taught some fast solutions.

1: Check if the vehicle has an abnormal fault light. If you can start and stop the vehicle normally, if it is this problem, you can do it directly to sell the phone. You and the staff will definitely solve it.

2: If it is a few hours after the air conditioner is asleep, it is found that most of the reason is because (small battery) is dead, it is very simple, it is easy to connect to another vehicle small battery. Don’t shut down after starting, and you will be able to drive out to kill a few kilometers. I still recommend everyone to buy a (automotive battery charging treasure) on the car, and it is not expensive. This problem often occurs because people who operate vehicles and sleeping will often have this issue.

3: After excluding the above problems, because the safety factor of the charging pile and the vehicle battery will be charged, if you say that your vehicle is upgraded, the vehicle is closed before the charging, whether the air conditioner is closed.

In this case, we can do it in the following operations, first turn off the air conditioner and electric door, and reinsert the gun. Secondly, turn off the air conditioner but drive the door, re-insert the large truck and passenger cars also need to try to close and turn on the total power valve, select (large car) on the electric pile screen and click (OK) to make the above operation. According to my experience in my 3 years, I have encountered hundreds of the above problems, unless the vehicle battery fault, other cases of 99% can be charged.

(6) Other precautions: Whether the slow charity is good and extended, theoretically, in theory, 1 week fast charge and 1 slow charge is really good, but in actual use, for the battery attenuation I also Didn’t really find that the fast charge is higher than slower charge. So don’t have to deliberately care about this problem, how is it convenient?

More than 80% of self-ignition occurred hours after the charge, it is recommended that you have a condition or try to remove the hot weather. It is recommended that the parking time is suggested to be 95%. It is important to pay attention to the people who sleep in the car, must not turn off the door (electric door switch), because once the fire is powered, there is no way to open the door, at that time, every second is very important, it is very important! !

The above is my little experience, there is some some I have forgotten, I hope everyone will leave a message, learn from each other, create a good mood.

If there is a group of group, please pull me in, everyone communicate and communicate, thank you

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