New energy car future new trend? Maybe a minute is the best solution?

In the last two or three years, the development of new energy electric vehicles has been improved unprecedented. The attitude of consumers from the electric vehicle will also be suspicious, and become more recognized. Despite this, there are still many people say that buying electric vehicles go home, just give yourself an electric dad, charging is really a problem.

Take the Beijing area as an example. As a city in the number of charge piles, the electric vehicle owner will still have difficulty charging, and some charging piles are specially charged for the brand, only support for their own brands; part charging piles The fuel truck is stopped on the parking space, so that the electric car owner is crying; there is a partial charging pile because of various reasons, it is damaged for a long time. There are netizens to spit, in order to meet the needs of the New Year’s Day, they have to drive to the vehicle to charge the vehicle at New Year’s Eve to the nearby charging station.

Even if major manufacturers increase the vehicle’s battery life, from the initial three hundred kilometers, the development to now some vehicles have been able to meet the single 1000 kilometers of life, but the charging is slow, the charging is difficult to solve the problem, mileage anxiety The problem will not get rid of one day. Just like some smart phones, even if the battery capacity is big, consumers are still a day, when the electricity is less than 20%, the user will still feel anxiety in low power mode.

Then how can the consumer’s mileage anxiety problem in the development of electric vehicles grow faster? The answer given by the awareness is to establish a number of vehicles in the country. The price of the model of the shift version is low, and the battery is fast, does not affect people’s normal travel, which also makes a lot of people become The faithful fans of it.

According to the technology of the Austrian New Energy Group, simply replace the vehicle, this action is only 20 seconds, and this speed will be faster in the future. The entire shift process of the vehicle can also be controlled in a minute, such speed is almost faster than the fuel cart. But the ideal is very full, the realistic is very bone, and the electric shift is only a brand strategy. How to complete the power exchange cross-brand cross-car type, this is the problem that is not yet resolved. If you are with some household appliances, you will use the same specification Battery group, perhaps different brands of different models can also achieve rapid replacement batteries, and electric vehicles will no longer have mileage anxiety.

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