SAIC Volkswagen ID.6X: I am coming, where are you?

Among the traditional fuel trains, it is possible to say that “no one knows, no one knows” in the country. Today, in the field of pure electric, the public’s ID. Series also have more and more high attention.

Recently, the declaration information and declaration of SAIC’s public ID.6X boarded the Directory of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the second ID of the successful introduction of SAIC’s successful introduction.

It is reported that the SAIC MAX ID.6X is positioned as medium large SUV, based on the mass MEB electric platform, using 7 seat layout, more than ID.4x.

Appearance highlights hardcore, interiors

ID.6x uses a new family-new family-style design language. The two-way penetrated grilles combine with chrome-plated panels, both of the effects of pulling wide body, and can improve their mothers to a certain extent.

To the side, the B-column, the C-column and D column, creating a suspended roof, the wide arched shape combined with the five-way hub, further enhanced moving atmosphere, while hidden The door handle also played the effect of adding the grade from the details.

In terms of tail, the through-type taillights are designed with smoked treatment. After night, it can bring higher identification, and the lower silver bumper is designed to add a few young atmospheres in invisible. Compared with the appearance of ideal one, SAIC’s significant more in line with the aesthetics of mass groups.

In terms of interior, the official is still not officially announced, according to the public consistent design style, it is expected to use the same family-style design style, simple layout, multi-screen design, and easily create a high-end and lack of design. The effect of technology.

(Figure ID.4x interior)

Optional function is relatively rich, dynamic performance

Regarding the specific configuration table, the official has not officially announced, but it can be seen from the declaration information, the front camera, the side camera, the skylight, the 20-inch rim and the ETC vehicle device are supported.

In terms of power, the new car will use a three-dimensional lithium battery. The peak output power of the drive motor can reach 150kW. If the single source is seen from the data, such dynamic performance is indeed “strength is not from the heart” for a large SUV.

The life will not know, the market effect is expected to be good

Regarding the endless mileage, the official is also not announced, according to the public, the network is expected to be more than 500km, whether it is a daily commuter or a far away travel, can be easily satisfied.

The public’s brand effect is naturally not to say, in China with the word “number” to describe it does not exaggerate, plus the relatively good product, so that ID.6x has a high quality and recognition. Compared with the 蔚 来 ES8 among the same level, there must be a greater advantage in both quality and recognition.

After the SAIC WUD ID.6X is officially introduced, no matter whether it is sales, or the market heat, it will not be too bad. Among the same level, the brand effect, reliability, cost performance and color value do not do not exist than ID.6x winning, so the high sales in the future can be said to be “inevitable results” in the future.

Conclusion: About the new cars under the public, almost “launching a hot sale”, for ID.6x will “hot sale”, almost no suspense. Then, in the face of the upcoming public ID.6X, will you be “conquer” it?

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