Vietnam also blows new energy wind, 3 new cars must be exported to the North American selling Europe, do you see it?

Today, traditional fuel cars are gradually exiting the market, and the new energy car is swept around the world. Recently, Vietnamese car brand Vinfast released a new car plan, saying that it will launch three new pure electric cars, and the code is VF31, VF32 and VF33, respectively.

It is reported that three new pure electric vehicles are SUV models, VF32 and VF33 will also export North America and Europe. For this reason, many netizens claim that: “Vinfast” SUV model or will threaten Audi E-Tron’s European market .

Next, let us know more about the three new cars launched by Vinfast.


From the official map of the published official map, Vinfast VF31 is the smallest “block” in three cars, and it is also the first to list in the brand plan. Although the body size of VF31 is not officially released, the positioning of VF31 is probably small SUV from the public map.

In terms of appearance, VINFAST VF31 uses a combination of a radical design style, through-through daytime running light design, smoked mesh grill, a fierce body line and two-color wheel shape, showing full of young flats .

In terms of interior, VF31 has not been officially announced, and it is expected to be in the interior design of VF32.

In terms of power, VF31 will carry 42kWH battery pack, peak output power up to 149KW, and the battery can reach 300km. If you look from the data, this power level is completely enough for this “block head” SUV, and can even bring a few points of push.


Among the three cars, Vinfast VF32 is a car of the most central, whether it is the size of the body, or its positioning, which is more in line with most people’s use. According to relevant news, VF32 will be booked in November 2021 and officially delivered in June 2022.

In terms of appearance, VF32 also continued its family through the day-to-day driving light, and the appearance was visually embedded, and the bright silver penetrated chrome-plated decorative strip of the lower side was combined with the lower sink.

In terms of interior, all black color creation creates a higher level, knob type shifting design in invisible air fields in the car, while large-sized central control LCD screen further enhances technology in the car. Ambience.

In terms of power, VF32 will be equipped with 90 kWH battery pack, and the peak output power can reach 298 kW, although the specific zero-hell acceleration time is not known, but such data ensures that the power output of VF32 is not too bad.


As a “flagship” model in three cars, whether it is design or its positioning, VF33 is better than the top. From the size of its body size, VF33 is likely to be a 7-seat car.

In terms of appearance, VF33 also can’t escape the family-style front face design, young and full, and full of identity, two-color wheel shape enhances sports atmosphere, hidden door handle enhances the stage, and thick C column Let the whole vehicle look like a rough sense of hard-owned off-road vehicles.

In terms of interior, the overall design is biased, and the traditional physical buttons are almost completely abandoned. Instead, it is a large-sized central control LCD screen, which is almost integrated with all car functions, and the button-type shift design makes the car There are a bit more novel.

In terms of power, VF33 will be equipped with a battery pack of 106kWH, and the battery is 550km, which is at the upstream level of the pure electric SUV model.

Conclusion: New round “shuffle” in the automotive market, let new energy cars become “mainstream”, Vinfast also seizes the market, for Vinfast, the three pure electric SUVs and fight European and American markets, what do you have? Can an insight?

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