The 1000 kilometers of life gradually became industry standard, did the owner really have a demand?

With the continuous development of electric vehicles, the global market has set off a wave of electric vehicles. Whether it is car brand or consumers, it is very enthusiastic about production / purchase of electric vehicles. In fact, there is a few reasons for the electric vehicle, the more the reason is that the policy level, and today’s electric vehicles are new energy vehicles, the price of the car is subsidized. Moreover, with the ban on the prohibition of fuel vehicles, there is more and more conveniences in new energy, and no limit is one of them.

Not only that, the electric car is faster and more young and faster than traditional fuel cars. When the young people gradually became the main army of social consumption, electric vehicles sold have become the fact that the staples are stained. As a business or brand, especially domestic brands, with the use of electric cars, overtaking, it has become the “shortcut” of the development of foreign cars.

However, there is any drawback of electric vehicles that have been “touted”, that is, battery life is not stable. As everyone knows, when the weather is cold, the battery life will decrease. The current battery technology encounters the cold weather. This makes the electric vehicles that have only four or five hundred kilometers of battery life, the actual battery life is not To 300 kilometers, it greatly affects the driving experience of the owners.

In the face of endurance, long-term problems, many car companies are solved by improving their battery life. Gradually, 1000 kilometers of battery life became an industry. At present, there are three domestic car companies in the car enterprises in 1000 kilometers, respectively, and Guangqi Chang’an and the Zhishao Automobile. However, is this really the needs of the owner? In this way, it is true that the battery is increased, and the battery’s industrial and battery life is increased, even if it is also a good endurance. However, if a friend who drives an electric car will find that although the battery capacity is increased, there are many inconveniences in actual use.

As the battery improvement, charging time has also increased, in this case where the charging pile is not prosperous, the extension of charging time is undoubtedly reduced the frequency of use of charging piles, which allows more owners to fall into the deadlock of the queue. From this point you can see two problems, the first charge pile is not enough, the second charging technology needs to be improved.

Compared with the fuel truck, the electric car is indeed sufficiently environmentally friendly, and the start is more rapid, but the speed of charging is far behind the speed of the refueling. Therefore, simple upgrading life is just the standard of treatment, everyone thinks?

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