Who is worth buying all-round analysis, MODEL 3 and Model Y?

Tesla is a very good sales of electric vehicles worldwide, and all models have very good sales. The domestic MODEL 3 sales is even more amazing, continuously known as the hegemonic month sales list for a few months, and finally by Hong Kong MINI EV sword to catch down the throne, but the best electric car sold in 2020, the first place or Tesla Model 3.

During the 11th National Day in 2020, Model 3 directly sets 250,000 yuan, this super large decline ignited the heart of fans, and sales were also a wave of skyrocket. However, it is necessary to say that the best model 3 sold is still the introduction of the entry foundation, and the high-end performance version of more than 300,000 selling prices and the sale of domestic model y also make some people caught in the problem. Which person is suitable? One?

First of all, the gap between Model 3 and Model Y is not big, and I don’t understand the difference between Tesla’s friends or even clear the differences between these two cars. And when you really see the real car, you will sigh, Model Y is actually a fatty model 3. After two cars stand together, it can be judged more accurately through the high and low of the vehicle. In fact, it is more than just a head, the side of the vehicle, and the same similarities. However, Model Y as a SUV model, a higher roof and vehicle trunk door, so that the internal space of this car is larger, and the external shape is also more round.

The access rate of these two cars reached 70% inside the vehicle, which can be said to be a mold, and the vehicle interior part is even more. Tesla’s interiors have always pursued a simple and generous design concept, all of which are all in the middle control large screen in the middle of the vehicle. However, the two are different, and the MODEL Y is more in the car, and Model 3 uses a split structural member. Such different let Model Y are lighter, thereby reducing energy consumption.

After saying static part, aspect, both are also similar. Model y’s larger body has brought a more huge body weight. However, after the manufacturer’s tuning, the owner can only feel the extra weight on this car when it is over. Although model y although as an electric car, Model 3 is similar, and Model Y is very flexible. This is not only because the two cars have the same power assembly system, but also the deliberate of manufacturers.

When I returned to the question when we started, which one should these two cars buy? If your needs just want to buy an electric car to feel the progress of technology, then Model 3 can meet the vast majority of needs. Model Y can provide the owner to provide greater space and stronger practicality, short-distance self-driving travel more calm.

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