BYD “Dynasty” series is new, “Ming” concept map exposure, the yin and yang design is very bright

BYD’s development of the development of the development of the development of the development of Han, Tang, Song and Qin, and a good car of many car fans. Just when people curious BYD can only launch a new Dynasty series of models again, a set of design sketches of BYD “Ming” are spread on the Internet and related patents involved. This new flagship model is another force behind BYD Han, “Ming” is also excited about many friends who care about BYD.

As the latest generation of dynasty models, BYD is concerned about many people a long time ago. Through the new conceptual map of the network, the design of this new car can be described as an unclear, which integrates Chinese traditional yin and yang differentiation design, white corresponds to Yang, black corresponds to Yin. And the overall style of the two cars in yin and yang is similar to the car SUV.

Many friends may be confused, the name of a car is Yin this still bought this, of course, the manufacturer is only a tribute to the Chinese traditional culture, and the naming of the new car will definitely be such a hug. According to the previous BYD manufacturer’s method for the vehicle name, the yin and yang two black and white color models, the probability corresponds to the two versions of pure tram type and plug-in mixing model, and such a differentiated design has been previously BYD Qin, Han, Tang, and Song and other models have been seen.

If this group of photos flowing online is true, then this BYD “Ming” is still quite bold. At the same time, while maximizing the BYD family design style, there are also some detail designs of this model. On black models, we can obviously see the exquisiteness of BYD’s “Long Yan” design. At the same time, the overall shape of the car is more like a concept car, but although there are some Tiama flight, it is not completely unable to become a mass production model.

Up to now, the information about BYD “Ming” is not much, the specific parameters of the vehicle are still staying a few years ago, in the past few years, the car industry has developed rapidly. I believe that if BYD “Ming” can really be listed in the short term. Then, the technical reserves in it must be very much, such as the hub motor and low wind resistance starting hubs, which are recently declared, and low wind resistance starting hubs, which may be implemented in BYD “Ming”.

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