The future of new energy! New Mirai does not need to be charged, and the battery is up to 650km

With the rise of new energy, more and more new energy products have appeared, but there is a problem, why do you want to promote new energy cars? The answer is environmentally friendly. Because conventional fuel is not only limited, the emission pollution is large. New energy cars can change the source of power and reduce exhaust emissions. Is the pure tram really environmentally friendly? As we all know, the process of power generation is also a source of energy, and the traditional power station is still thermal power generation, which will combust to coal. Therefore, Toyota launched a car. It doesn’t need to be charged, and there is still 650km, which can be said to be a real new energy car. It is a new Mirai. Let’s take a look at the author.

Let’s take a look at the new Mirai’s front face design, there is no particularly obvious line design, and the whole face gives people a smooth and simple feel. It is very bright, and it is still a split design, which directly adds the identification of the entire face. The angular distraction is surrounded by a chrome-plated strip decorated in the corner, making this large black black not so awkward.

The lines of the side of the body are very smooth and smooth, and its slippery roof design is very smooth, and it has also increased the luxurious feelings of the car. The entire wheel is also a 20-inch large size design. The long-width of the body is 4975/1885 / 1480mm, which makes people look very comfortable throughout the side of the car, just like beauty.

The tail light is designed to be slender through-type tail light. This design seems to be collected back the lights of the head, not so sharp. However, in terms of lines, it is echoed with the front face. In addition to extending the trapezoidal lines from the tail light, the entire car is a smooth feeling. The design of the black under the end of the car is surrounded by the design of the lattice of the tail of the tail.

The entire color of the interior is still very gentle, and its double-screen design makes the entire interior’s scientific skills increases a level. The line design of the whole vehicle may be used in interior, and it can be said to be very rich relative to the outer interior of the body. And it is also a texture of the entire car.

In terms of power, it can be said to be the most in the car, the new Mirai under the vehicle floor and the rear seat, and the bag below the bag, the two small three can accommodate 5.6 kg Hydrogen storage tanks, which makes it a life-fire mileage to reach 650 kilometers, which also makes this zero emissions car more please.

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