Teslasue “hits” the more “fire”?

At the end of the year, Tesla has been changing.

On December 30, 2020, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, 11, Tesla, took a 40-year old driver, and sent people to the Hall Hall of Hangzhou Wyndham.

2020-12-30 Hangzhou Wyndham Hotel

On the first day of the 2021 New Year, there was a public opinion brewed. After the afternoon, Tesla lost 150,000. It is said that the official website is paralyzed, and the order amount is 10 hours to reach a huge amount of huge amount. The netizens are BBA, Toyota, Honda, Wei Saic, Xiaopeng, and ideals, your prospects are worried, the future is bleak!

For more than 2020, Tesla has repeatedly:

2020-06-01 Taiwan Province Chiayi

June 1, 2020, Chiayi County, Taiwan, hit the truck on the front side, and the truck driver waved in the road, and Tesla opened the autopilot function, and kept driving at speed 110km / h. Until 2 seconds before the hit, Tesla owners who were unevenly taking emergency brakes, fortunately, the driver did not suffer from big damage.

2020-06-16 Nanchang

On the afternoon of June 16, 2020, Nanchang, a month of March 19, suddenly accelerated to the main limit of the owner set by about 30,000 kilometers of Tesla urban driving, 127km / h, the owner of the owner No fruit, can only pass the traffic lights all the way, dodge the road, and finally hit the soil and dropped the grass.

2020-06-24 Shenzhen

On the afternoon of June 24, 2020, in the navigation direction of Shenzhen Nanping, a MODEL 3 purchased in August 2019 in FSD automatic driving mode, accelerating the Biam Di Diwand in the dotted line.

2020-07-09 Beijing

On July 29, 2020, Beijing South Fourth Ring Road, a Model S In automatic driving mode, found that the vehicle automatically avoided the right back, but when avoiding another lane, Tesla suddenly accelerates the left accelerate The road maintenance vehicle that is working in front of the road.

2020-08-09 Shanghai

On the evening of August 9, 2020, a black Tesla suddenly lost to Shanghai Yang Si Road, a refueling station, causing two people injured and other three vehicles that were damaged. The owner of the owner did not know the cause of accidents, the owner also I have tried to hit the greening belt forced deceleration, and the final vehicle lost the control and hit the gas station.

2020-08-12 Wenzhou

On the evening of July 12, 2020, Zhejiang Wenzhou, a Model 3 suddenly accelerated during the parking lot, after the high-speed crashing rail railing, but also violently hit other vehicles in the parking lot, and fell to the ground, causing multiple vehicles. Damage, and the Tesla Model 3 is completely crashed into the front of the front, the owner entered the ICU, rescued 7 hours, blood transfusion 5000 ml.

The owner tells the outside world: the auxiliary driving function of the vehicle is not open when the incident, is fully controlled by himself. At the same time, when the vehicle began to suddenly accelerate off, they took emergency brake measures, but did not play any role.

2020-09-05 Sichuan Nanchong

On the afternoon of September 5, 2020, Fumin Street, Shunqing District, Nanchong City, Sichuan Province, a Model X lost control hit a variety of vehicles and roadside pedestrians, and the accident caused 2 deaths and 6 injuries and multiple cars were damaged. The police first Time exclude the suspicion of drunk driving and drug driving.

2020-12-09 South Korea

On December 9, 2020, Seoul, South Korea, a white model X out of control hit a parking lot wall, Model X was fired after crashing, and the accident caused one death, two injured. The deceased is the owner, sitting at the second drive position, one of the injured people are driving drivers.

2020-12-12 Beijing

On the evening of December 12, 2020, Beijing Haidian, a white model S was suddenly accelerated after entering a community, crossing the green belt to the first floor balcony, there is a half-way jumped in the accident, fortunately no casualties.

2020-12-18 Shenzhen

On December 18, 2020, Shenzhen 10, a blue Model S suddenly accelerated the front taxi to the road during normal driving, and then accelerated the truck, and finally was intercepted by the truck.

The owner introduced: It was originally stepped on the brakes. Suddenly, the brakes did not move, so that the enthusiasm was can’t be stepped on, and the direction could not be caught. The car hit the taxi, hit the big truck, the car It is blocked by large trucks; the entire control system is out of control, the brake is completely useless, the steering wheel does not move, and the whole car is like a mobile phone system.

Tesla has repeatedly hit, the reason, probably has the following:

First, Tesla most wants to say directly, the driver posture is wrong, the throttle is brakes, from the probability, this is existed, specifically for a few, everyone sees the benevolence, it is best to publish EDR, thoroughly shake the white tesla.

Second, FSD (FULL SELF-Driving, Chinese is “automatic driving”, it is the misleading (bragging) of an automatic secondary driving function), abuse, saying fsd is the soul of Tesla, but I am afraid it is love (letter) The more deeper the injury. The shadow mode is enough, and the car is handed over to FSD. FSD This pot Tesla must be back, you can’t turn the edges on this, must be reviewed from the strict, clear definition of FSD function, scene, range, and challenge human tube. Third, IBOOSTER’s stability and adaptability, Bosch’s next-generation brake system, it is definitely a lever from function, it is definitely a future trend; but from the perspective of the product, stability is definitely compared to traditional There is also a very large gap in the braking system, but also a very long market check, which requires increased safety redundancy from the perspective of the vehicle.

At the same time, educational terminal users (drivers) must make users fully understand the differences between the iBOSTER system and the conventional brake system. In many cases, after the IBOOSTER failed, the loss of power is not completely unmissive. Although the braking effect is a lot, as long as the brakes are fully mechanized, the braking capacity remains part. Using the iBooster brake system, even if the foot feels very hard (very laborious), the deceleration is not obvious, or you must use the whole force to step on the brake, step on the brakes! While using the driver’s physical strength, the driver’s physical strength can be used, and the driver brake needs can be entered, so that the whole car knows the driver’s braking intention; no, after giving up the brake, the vehicle is not I know the driver’s deceleration needs.

Its fourth is the most terrible self-contained problem. So many accidents, these owners will not all be shadowed by the shadow; and online news has analyzed the EDR data submitted by Tesla in foreign countries. There is a non-expected acceleration. Tesla should face this issue (this question is completely unable to ignore), the ability to solve this problem is not the ability to solve this problem, but attitude issues.

Tesla domestic abroad has repeatedly hit, how is it more and more fire?

With the price reduction of Tesla again, the old owner complained, and how did so many leeks robbed?

First, Tesla seizes the air of electricization. Under the leadership of technology madman, Tesla, with the best electric vehicle products, it has become the unicorn of the electric vehicle industry.

Second, the opponent is too weak, BBA, Toyota, Honda and other fuel giants are gradually dusk, and they are heavy. On the one hand, there is no motivation to develop electric vehicles on the one hand. On the other hand, even if there is no strength, there is no strong team to develop Electric vehicle.

Direct consequences are traditional fuel giants on the one hand, engine leakage bolts (Mercedes-Benz), oil emulsification, etc. Causes customers from morality, pushing customers to Tesla; on the other hand, traditional giants are not competitive Product PK Tesla, side assists Tesla toward the throne of electric vehicles.

Third, only the ocean, Tesla enters China, basically in the end users of the second trolley or even N, Tesla, Tesla’s excavation of customer needs is very in place, is a toy car, facial vehicle. Toy cars instead of tool cars, the early portraits of Tesla are small, less mileage, good working environment, not exposing more models, and Tesla also successfully set up the label of this high-end brand. Express and occupy the domestic high-end electric vehicle market, and then hung a domestic model with brand effect. On this basis, the new energy models encourage the policy of electric license plates to grab a lot of big urban car markets for Tesla.

Fourth, capital promotion, according to the stock market value calculation in the year, Tesla market value is the world’s first, and the sum of the market value of the second to seven manufacturers later, these manufacturers are: Toyota Motors, Volkswagen, Daimler, GM, Ferrari and BMW. How many sets is Tesla’s 2020 sales? It is unlimited to approximately 500,000 vehicles (global), even in 2021, Tesla expected sales also only 800,000 (world). Some people may have no concepts on this data. In 2020, China’s sales will not be less than 25 million units.

It can be seen that the market value of Tesla is a capital game, which can also indicate why the media is so tolerant to Tesla, just like Ali Bei’s small three incidents, the media instantly cars. Capital can promote failure, tutus; capital can also bring rhythm, prosperous market, mad beef!

The above accident information, the picture is from the network. In fact, the big and small accident should be far more than these. The boiling in the online public opinion should be just a horn of the iceberg, and the “electric can’t drive the door after the cold wave”, electric car winter Only 50% of the battery, “Not charging is on the way to charge”, “running away the sunroof” and so on, “There is also courage to grab the book, Tesla, I really admire TA. courage.

Let tools return to tools, safe for the first element!

Life is a single line, for yourself, choose a car to be cautious!

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