FARADAY FUTURE listed plan exposure will complete $ 400 million in financing through the roadshow mode

According to the US Bloomberg report, the US Sharing Intelligent Travel Ecological Company Faraday Future (FF) is exposed by the Special Purpose M & A (SPAC) method IPO. The report said that FF will merge with a company named Property Solutions Acquisition Corp., the valuation is about $ 3 billion, currently through the road to complete the goal of the PIPE financing of more than $ 400 million.

When the news came out, it immediately caused wide concern. The FF that has been trapped in cash flow is expected to pay for the funds required for FF 91 delivery through this successful financing. This company has received much attention and experiences too much-to-fold company is expected to be staged. “Big play” rebounded against the rebound.

Its founder Jia Yueping’s creditor’s trust can also achieve rapid value-added, which is expected to completely complete billion debt repayment, returning to China to promote FF China-US double main strategy, and establish a FF China joint venture company.

Ff into Wall Street to grab “the most investment value”

According to reports, the FF roadshow has lasted more than a week, and a large number of investment agencies have participated in the online roadshow. A investment agency who participated in the FF recent PIPE revealed that due to the FF has a recognized advanced product, technology, business model and governance architecture, and the relatively low valuation, the current road performance is very hot, a number of US and Global Investment Agency’s “抢” is formed by FF, which is likely to have a PIPE financing super-raised.

In 2019, in the “2019 Hu Run Global Unicorn List” announced in Hu Lun Institute, FF was successfully selected by the valuation of 30 billion yuan, and 57 bits of the world’s unicorn list, only for valuation. 35 billion yuan of US electric pitcart startups Rivian.

According to the mass production plan of the FF, FF 91 will officially launch delivery work after completing a new round of financing for about 12 months. The development preparation of FF 81 electric vehicles and future models and next-generation core technologies will be carried out after the FF 91 is launched.

According to informed sources, FF has been promoted to the IPO listing work, and it has also made a good progress in negotiating with many partners to negotiate multi-level strategic cooperation.

Last week, FF announced that the senior financial executive ZVI Glasman with rich American IPO experience ZVI Glasman is the company’s financial, investor relationship and capital management. Glasman has more than 30 years of professional experience and experience in CFO in the past 20 years. The elevated talents of high-end talents also enlarged for FF financing, product production delivery, and greatly enhanced investors’ confidence index.

The four main reasons prompted FF to become the most hot investment project

It is reported that FF is very popular in the near future, Wall Street investors are very enthusiastic, and there are investors say that “this is the hottest investment project in the near future.”

Industry expert analysis: First, in the current new forces, FF may be the Legacy Pearl – in technology, products, supply chains, and teams have mature accumulation, the quantitative car offline, means FF It is worse than the market, so you can see the shortest in the capital profit period. For the capital market, FF will also become the most concerned that the US stock market is one of the most potential companies. The market value of FF is huge relative to the market value of Tesla and other emerging EVs.

Second, in the blank high-end electric vehicle market, FF is very hope. It can be seen that the current low-cost electric vehicle market has already had a head player, but the high-end electric vehicle forces is still in the cultivation period – Although the FF 91 of FF has been released for 4 years, it has not been possible in the market. Target object.

Third, the new window period for new energy vehicles is starting. 2020 new energy vehicles entered the high-speed development period, but more “hot” in capital, not the product. This means that the real “under the market” has not started, FF products are too hard, still have a lot of space.

Fourth, above the new energy, Internet, intelligent, and automatic driving concepts begin to truly explode. Many public opinion focus are concentrated in new energy concepts, but ignore FF’s accumulation value in smart automobile technology – and smart tram technology began to become a new favorite in the capital market, whether it is Tesla, or Ji, Xiaopeng It is powered by automatic driving technology.

China-US double home boost FF multi-dimensional anti-Heartsla

Some analysts pointed out that no matter from the product and technical strength and innovation, user ecology and business model innovation, the top-level governance architecture of the partnership system is designed from the globalization of the brand, and FF is absolutely aware of the capital. Potential and become the most likely companies that have multi-dimensional and Tesla counter.

In the nearest analysis report, Patent Data Analysis Company Randolph Square IP (RSIP) proposed that the Faraday Future, which is headquartered in California, has a diversified patent combination, which is more powerful than many leading OEM manufacturers, especially in key technologies. On, the electric vehicle patent combination of FF is inconsistent with Tesla.

RSIP believes that an electric vehicle patent combination that is constantly expanding in the key technologies is inconsistent with Tesla. The study also found that FF’s patent combinations have obtained a large number of leading OEM vendors, which indicates that the related technologies of FF have received patents are widely accepted. The FF is applying for or has been applying for or has been authorized to have a practical and design patent, which has been authorized to 530 patents. This quantity is the most in similar companies for a start-up motion, a startup of a startup of a 5-year-old. of. In addition, China and the United States have always been FF. Different from Tesla and Yulai, Xiaopeng and other enterprises, as a typical American high-tech company, founders are Chinese entrepreneurs Jia Yueping, so he is born to China Both markets have keen judgment and “home” advantage.

As we all know, the hot-selling of Shanghai factory and China is the core driver of Tesla stock prices. Once FF China has succeeded, the power of China and the United States will gradually appear. It is understood that FF China’s landing project is being advanced.

In addition, the innovative governance architecture has also laid a unique competitive advantage and successful cornerstone of FF in the company culture and talent system. The implementation of the FF partner project, FF has become the first company in the Global Automobile Industry and the American Technology Industry is also the only company adopted partner governance architecture. This architecture has also been widely recognized by investors.

FF, such as the listing of success, Jia Yueping, paying further

After a year of effort, June 26, 2020 completed the individual bankruptcy restructuring procedures applications in the United States on June 26, 2020, and the restructuring plan was officially effective, and the creditor trust also officially established and started operation. If FF is successful as scheduled, it means that Jia Yue Ting’s creditors’ trust assets can be expected, which will help Jia Yueting’s creditors haveother earlier.

Last month, a person in charge of Jia Yueping Debt Treatment Group revealed that the Jia Yueping Debt Treatment Group has completed all the signing of the second batch of creditors, involving 56, including 8 creditors applying for relief or removing Jia Yueping to the court Double limits or inactivated cases have been implemented, and all creditors involving the implementation case have been submitted to the court to release materials.

It is reported that the next three months, Jia Yueping debt processing team will sign the approval certificate with the third batch of creditors, and involve 22 contracts. “Once all completed, the creditors who have applied for Jia total double limit or disappear to the court will be expected to be mostly released, which will make Jia’s future return to China to promote FF China-US double home strategy, including help domestic financing is great. “The person in charge said.

If FF is finally successfully listed and realizes that the product will be delivered as scheduled, then Jia Yue Ting will achieve “shocking big reversal”, which is huge to enhance domestic entrepreneurs confidence and spiritual incentives, and Jia Yueping personally insists on continuous investment of billion dollars for FF Product research and development, this attempt to invest in this product innovation has a certain reference for improving entrepreneurial environments and even business environments.

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