BYD pushes a new car, takes a blade battery, and the battery is reached 1050 km. Do you have your heart?

BYD is a number of head brands in the domestic automobile sector, and the development of these years is obvious. From the previous national tangent to today’s high-end electric cars, many BYD owners can be described as witnessed the development of BYD. Since opening the dynasty model, BYD’s series of models is like open, and people are generally gaining. The car we have to say today is a BYD’s Tang DM-I, the most worthy of its battery life, can be as high as 1050 km.

This BYD Tang DM-I is about to open pre-sale in recent days. This new car is based on BYD’s latest DM-I platform. Whether it is power, mechanical quality or battery life has a long progress. This car has almost no difference in the appearance and the current Saji Di Di, the front face continues to use BYD’s Long Yan design, although it is a new energy car, but this Tang DM-I continues to design a huge Chinese network. Highlights the powerful gas field of this car.

Inside the car, the interiors of this Tang DM-I are equally excellent. Solid materials and exquisite details show the manufacturers for this car. The oversized central control LCD screen shows delicate effect, and there is no feeling of auto parts. The comfort of the rhombic cortical seat is no doubt. It will not feel that this is a SUV model, and the comfortable feelings add a higher vision, so that this car has a very outstanding experience.

Whether it is an appearance or an interior, the BYD Tang is different from the previous BYD Tang, this Tang DM-I is the power and battery life. According to the news, this Tang DM-I is equipped with the different types of pure battery life. In the loss of the loss, the 52-kilometer model of pure electricity will be 5.3L / 100 kilometers, and the fuel consumption of 112 kilometers is 5.5L / 100 kilometers, and the acceleration of zero-hundred kilometers is only 8.5 seconds. Although such a score is not as similar to the Tang DM, but it is faster than the 2.0T model of the fuel car, and the fuel consumption is lower.

It is particularly worth mentioning that this Tang DM-I is used by the super mixed blade battery on the DM-I platform, and the integrated endless mileage can achieve an amazing 1050 km. BYD has achieved significant development in the new energy field in recent years, whether it is battery technology or platform research and development, and with the addition of DM-I, the series of products in BYD Dynasty is more complete, and the date of joint ventures It will be more sad.

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