Xiaopeng released the third car, Xiaopeng’s “Model 3” came?

On January 7 evening, Xiaopeng Automobile officially announced the news from the third car. For the previous information, this car is positioned below P7, which is a medium-sized sedan. It is said that the name is also called P5.

In fact, in the first product planning map exposed in early 2019, Xiaopeng third car should be a large SUV and continue the main brand. But in the face of MODEL 3, the world is killing the quarter, Xiaopeng seems to hesitate.

In 2020, Xiaopeng Motor’s performance was more robust in the C-terminal market, and the brand has also exceeded the brand, and how to do the follow-up enterprises in 2021. Is it continued to stand the brand and do high-end? Or is it released by brand, enter the medium-sized car harvesting market? Xiaopeng chose the latter.

The electric potential believes that this decision is wise.

Xiaopeng’s brand has long been clarified, not BBA, but Toyota, the public, ran up in P7, and will not pay. Therefore, it is better to keep up with Tesla products, do a large and medium-sized car market, even if the opportunity is still greater than the risk.

In addition, the amount of subsidies is more reduced, the domestic market is also in addition to Tesla Model 3, a domestically produced medium-sized pure electric vehicle. Can P5 do it?

Take the middle of the car, get the world!

There is a famous saying that the fuel carriage market has a famous saying. Then the new energy market, is this sentence? The answer is yes.

First look at the international market. In November, the world’s new energy sales list TOP10 model has three small cars, three compact cars, three medium-sized cars, two large cars. In these 10 cars, the three medium-sized cars are best, and the total sales is the highest in several categories.

Look at the domestic market. In November, the largest market segment in the pure electric market is A0-level market, accounting for 32%, second A-level market, but on the annual data, the A-level market accounts for 36%, far leading. In addition, from 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 data, the A-class car market share is 24%, 33%, 54%, 36%, respectively.

Yes, whether it is the international market, or the domestic market, like the traditional car market, in the new energy car market, the medium-sized car still occupies the largest market share. Similarly for new energy car companies, the medium-sized pure electric passenger can also have the world. In this regard, Tesla is the most.

From the 2015 new energy in the first year, 2015-2018, the new energy car company sales crown is BYD, but in 2019, Tesla walked out of the haze, and he was strong, and its maximum hero was MODEL 3. This story will continue to be staged in 2020 and the next few years.

In 2020, Tesla’s global sales was 499,500, and continued to renew the global new energy car companies, and opened a significant gap with other car enterprises. In Testla last year, Model 3 / Y two medium-sized vehicles have 442,500 vehicles, accounting for 88.59%.

Xiaopeng has delivered 27,000 vehicles last year. Although this sales is ranked in the new forces, it still has a long distance from 100,000 deadlines. So, P5 comes from this year, it will become uncomfortable, aim at the largest medium-sized car market, and then with the existing brands and superchard networks, the future is good imagination.

Pricing is the core

Based on the global new energy sales data to judge that last year, the three medium-sized cars in the world were Tesla Model 3 / Y, and Guangqi Yan S, as of November, the total sales volume was 300,488, 63,775, 40,229, Among them, MODEL Y is started last year.

In the BC side, Tesla Model 3 / Y is basically facing the C-terminal market, and the relevant data shows that the C-terminal market proportion of Guangqi Ean S is only 40%. As for other medium-sized cars in the market, it is either low, or it is either for B-terminal market. Therefore, there are currently only the medium cars that successfully open the C-terminal market have only Model 3 / Y.

Why can Model 3 / Y? This is obviously caused by comprehensive factors, such as powerful brands, perfect overcharge networks, and powerful performance genes, but the core, or price. Model Y This time the sales storm caused by this price cut, this is undoubtedly proven.

However, the means of price is not Tesla’s patents, and traditional companies are all. For example, Wuling Hongguang Mini EV, the monthly sales have exceeded 30,000 mark, this is the only model of the Chinese market to defeat Model 3, not magical, the logic behind it is inseparable from price.

The success of Model 3 / Y and Wulinghong MINI EV indicates that there is no new energy market that is not open, only the price of the product is not reducing. Of course, although the price is quantified, it is the sharp sharp blade of the market, but it is not all car companies to pick up, the core is profit.

With the advanced platform modular technology, as well as the scale advantage, even if Model 3 / Y has undergone multi-wheel price reduction, Tesla’s profit margin is still not low. And Wuling’s back is large, and the family is large. It is completely powerful to set the sales basis in the high position and make the price down.

Xiaopeng? Whether it is Tesla’s technology, or the financial resources of SAIC, Xiaopeng is hard to pick up. In addition, from P7 to the pricing strategy of Han EV, Xiaopeng does not have a low pricing strength. For a new power of only 6 years old, there is no scale advantage. This is also normal. Of course, all things have not absolute. For example, the other is V, we learned from the relevant person, its original pricing is 80,000, not the final 60,000. The purpose of straight down 20,000 is to create a burst of explosions, and from the results, the car is successful, and the maximum order of the car exceeds 5,000 units.

So Xiaopeng car, do you follow?

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