Sold price of 59,900, what is V. What is the new energy market?

In today’s new energy auto market, competition can be said to be very intense, there is a competition between brands, competition, competition, price competition, if you can’t see some differentiation or flash point in a body, then This car is destined to lose his head in front of other new energy vehicles. For example, the most recently sold Wulinghong MINI EV, although there are some shortcomings, such as battery life, small body, but it is also very obvious, that is, cost-effective, cute. Therefore, consumers have a reason to buy it.

And if a car is very mediocre, it is difficult to give consumers’ memory points, so it will not be selected by consumers. In numerous car new forces, the company’s new energy launched in the new energy, remembering many people by the name of mythology, and how is it? Today, the author introduced this car named which is V, is a pure electric small SUV for a price of 5.99-7.59 million yuan. Let’s take a look with the author.

In terms of appearance, this car can be described by simple beauty, focusing on the design language of the technology is similar to Tesla, like Tsela Y, but in terms of design lines. The shape of the lamp is very high, as if it is a mythical person, there is a rhythm of Chinese wind, which has played the role of the dragon point for the whole.

In terms of interior, the design route and appearance echoes each other, emphasize the sense of technology, and put some complex buttons and detail design. Only the main screen of the central control has the effect of operation, this simple way It is also a lot of young people.

However, although which is very simple, its technology is not reflected in the surface. In the large screen of the 13-inch of the central control, the 6-core processor is used, which reduces the latency of the touch screen, making the operation more smooth. In addition, which V is also equipped with the AI ​​smart voice system, the owner can also control the car, such as navigation function, air conditioning function, etc. Which of the scientific skills of V. The science and technology have become a leader in the same price.

Finally, it is motivation, which is the standard life-fire version, which is equipped with the maximum power 40kW motor, the peak torque is 110N.m, and the battery has reached 301km. Such a car, are you satisfied?

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